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Whether you’re a high school student looking for the traditional college experience, a working professional considering a career change, 或者是好奇, lifelong learner with a passion for knowledge, Concordia offers many options to help you grow your 信仰 and reach your uncommon potential. Come see for yourself!

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At Concordia, all are welcome, no matter your circumstances. If you have the desire to grow, we have the desire to teach. And ultimately, to help you grow as a person.

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Looking for a supportive way to transition to Concordia? 转移 up to 84 undergraduate credits, 6 graduate credits, 63 military credits to get your degree faster. 转移 from public, private and technical colleges and take advantage of our free credit transfer estimate prior to applying!


生活 不常见的

What does it mean to live uncommon? It means using the talent, 创造力, 信仰, and courage God gives each of us to live our lives with purpose. The uncommon life is distinct, uniquely yours, and intentionally about others. We know, because you’ve told us so.

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We genuinely want you to achieve your unique purpose. Our community is a place where your 信仰 and your intellect can grow, and we are with you every step of the way.

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Over 99% of undergraduates receive financial aid at Concordia, with an average of $23,395 per student awarded. 援助 is available from many sources based on financial need, 研究领域, 学习成绩, underrepresented minorities or your area of residence. While it can be a lot of information to sift through, be proactive and ask questions. We are here to help.

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